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    cache: automagically cache and reuse output files · 6a11c37f
    Jakub Ružička authored
    Following commands got support for automating cache and reuse of
    produced output files:
    * make-archive
    * get-archive
    * srcpkg
    * build
    Cache uses checksum of current project state as a key and also stores
    and validates cached files' checksums. Currently the project checksum is
    obtained using git magicks so the cache is only enabled for projects
    using git.
    Cache lives in pkg/.cache.json and it's updated automatically when
    a new archive/srcpkg/package is created or when invalid cache entry is
    Caching can be disabled using new --no-cache option.
    Cache can be cleared by removing pkg/.cache.json file.
    Self test on make-archive is included.
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