Commit 947754fa authored by Jakub Ružička's avatar Jakub Ružička
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docs: fix file_link on Read the Docs

In RtD mkdocs build absolute path is supplied - make it relative when
that happens.
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...@@ -28,8 +28,14 @@ def define_env(env): ...@@ -28,8 +28,14 @@ def define_env(env):
@env.filter @env.filter
def file_link(path): def file_link(path):
fn = Path(path)
# full path can be passed (i.e. on Read the Docs)
fn = Path(path).relative_to(BASE_PATH)
except ValueError:
return "[{fn}]({url}{fn})".format( return "[{fn}]({url}{fn})".format(
fn=path.relative_to(BASE_PATH), fn=fn,
@env.filter @env.filter
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