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## status
This is currently in early development by `jruzicka`.
You can see `cznicinfo report` updated daily on
`cznicinfo` is currently in early alpha.
Please see the the YAML file containing the information:
## installation
`cznicinfo` requires Python >= 3.7.
`cznicinfo` uses [pbr]( to handle python
packaging. It's natively packaged on most distros as `python-pbr` or
`python3-pbr`. Examples of installing `pbr` on common distros:
# debian/ubuntu
apt install python3-pbr
# fedora/EPEL
dnf install python3-pbr
# arch
pacman -S python-pbr
It should pull in `python-setuptools` as well.
Other required python modules are listed in
[requirements.txt](requirements.txt) and are handled automatically by `pbr` as
required when using ``.
With `pbr` installed, you can use `` as you would with any python
# user development install
python3 develop --user
# install (inside venv)
python3 install
# get source tarball
python3 sdist
# etc., see python --help-commands
Note that you can manually install requirements using `pip3 install -r requirements.txt`.
## usage
Run `cznicinfo` without parameters to get possible commands:
CZ.NIC info
Usage: cznicinfo <command> [<args>...]
cznicinfo <command> --help
cznicinfo [--help | --version]
list List available projects
find Find projects using regexp
show Show project(s) information
versions Show versions of a project and its packages
report Generate report of selected projects' versions
clone Clone project repo(s)
list-upstream List upstream git repos
-h --help Show help screen, can be used after a command
--version Show version
Example commands:
cznicinfo find knot
cznicinfo versions knot-resolver
cznicinfo report
Docs Pending™
## sneak peak
Here, have a picture of CLI usage:
![cznicinfo CLI sneak peak](sneak_peak.png "cznicinfo CLI sneak peak image")
See [cznicinfo report][report].
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