Commit 1510e821 authored by Karel Slaný's avatar Karel Slaný Committed by Ondřej Surý
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Added a more explanatory comment.

parent 29c5fa02
......@@ -512,8 +512,11 @@ static int begin(knot_layer_t *ctx, void *module_param)
return ctx->state;
* Fail if no query section. DNS cookies must be handled before
* this layer.
* RFC7873 5.4 extends the QUERY operation code behaviour in order to
* be able to generate requests for server cookies. Such requests have
* QDCOUNT equal to zero and must contain a cookie option.
* Server cookie queries must be handled by the cookie module/layer
* before this layer.
const struct kr_request *req = ctx->data;
const struct kr_query *qry = req->current_query;
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