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### Packages
Knot Resolver is packaged for
[EPEL 7]( (for RHEL 7 or CentOS 7),
[Homebrew]( and
You can also find it as the default DNS resolver in our open-source router [Turris Omnia](
See the [Knot-resolver homepage]( for more information.
<!-- [openSUSE](, (it seems to be in a bad shape; vulnerable 1.3.2 ATM) -->
The latest stable packages for various distributions are available in our
[upstream repository](
Follow the
[installation instructions](
to add this repository to your system.
Knot Resolver is also available from the following distributions' repositories.
* [Fedora and Fedora EPEL](
* [Debian stable](,
[Debian testing](,
[Debian unstable](
* [Ubuntu](
* [Arch Linux (AUR)](
### Building from sources
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