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clarification to docs for net.bufsize()

See merge request knot/knot-resolver!821
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......@@ -283,14 +283,16 @@ Following commands are useful in special situations and can be usef with and wit
.. function:: net.bufsize([udp_bufsize])
Get/set maximum EDNS payload available. Default is 4096.
You cannot set less than 512 (512 is DNS packet size without EDNS, 1220 is minimum size for DNSSEC) or more than 65535 octets.
Get/set maximum EDNS payload size advertised in DNS packets. Default is 4096 bytes and the default will be lowered to value around 1220 bytes in future, once `DNS Flag Day 2020 <>`_ becomes effective.
Minimal value allowed by standard :rfc:`6891` is 512 bytes, which is equal to DNS packet size without Extension Mechanisms for DNS. Value 1220 bytes is minimum size required in DNSSEC standard :rfc:`4035`.
Example output:
.. code-block:: lua
> net.bufsize 4096
> net.bufsize(4096)
> net.bufsize()
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