Allow excluding some modules from checks

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......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ endif
$(1): $$(patsubst %,$(O)/.objs/$(3)%.o,$$($(2)_MODULES))
$(1): $$(patsubst %,$(O)/.objs/$(3)%.o,$$($(2)_MODULES) $$($(2)_MODULES_3RDPARTY))
$(1): CFLAGS_ALL += $$($(2)_CFLAGS) $$(foreach CONFIG,$$($(2)_PKG_CONFIGS),$$(shell pkg-config --cflags $$(CONFIG))) $$(foreach CONFIG,$$($(2)_EXE_CONFIGS),$$(shell $$(CONFIG)-config --cflags))
$(1): LDFLAGS_ALL += $$($(2)_LDFLAGS) $$(foreach CONFIG,$$($(2)_PKG_CONFIGS),$$(shell pkg-config --libs $$(CONFIG))) $$(foreach CONFIG,$$($(2)_EXE_CONFIGS),$$(shell $$(CONFIG)-config --libs))
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ following code:
# List sources. Without the .c at the end or path. The input files
# don't need to be unique, so there can be another main.c in other
# directory. You don't list the headers.
hello_world_SOURCES := \
hello_world_MODULES := \
main \
hello \
......@@ -77,12 +77,17 @@ following code:
# the dependencies against the local libraries can be tracked.
hello_world_LOCAL_LIBS := libworld
Only the `_SOURCES` variable is mandatory. You can create a shared
Only the `_MODULES` variable is mandatory. You can create a shared
library the same way, it is only appended to `LIBRARIES` instead to
`BINARIES`. Also, if you want to let the build system know about a
binary, but not build it by default (needed for the `check` target,
for example), you can use `BINARIES_NOTARGET`.
The variable `_MODULES_3RDPARTY` is similar to `_MODULES`, but is
excluded from some checks (like `cppcheck`). The idea is that
third-party software may be included in the compilation, but nobody
wants to fix their style.
You can also generate documentation (`html` from the `txt` by
asciidoc). It has no variables to influence it and you append them to
the `DOCS` variable.
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