1. 11 Mar, 2022 4 commits
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      meson: do not enable tests in case it is subproject · e6a0fce7
      Karel Koci authored
      The inclusion of subprojects is mostly to get easy access to the library
      without having to install it. It makes in most cases no sense to run
      tests of subproject when we are not developing it.
      In general I am sure that including tests from subproject makes a lot of
      sense, for example when we split tests and application to the separate
      repositories. At the same time we are really not doing that here.
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      Allow simple subproject inclusion · d6d565e3
      Karel Koci authored
      Meson provides easy subproject inclusion trough implicit dependency.
      We use project name here to be systematic and provide linking with
      libfoo. The library does not have to be installed when this project is
      included as subproject using wrap file 'subprojects/c-template.wrap'
      with content:
        url = https://gitlab.nic.cz/turris/c-template.git
        revision = master
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      gitlab-ci: move release.sh to shared image · 114590b6
      Karel Koci authored
      This moves release.sh script to the shared script. The only difference
      between projects is the name of the project. We can provided that as
      argument from the CI and thus we can have it only in one location.
  2. 04 Mar, 2022 3 commits
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      include: install include headers · a161d75f
      Karel Koci authored
      The library has to specify which headers to install explicitly.
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      gitignore: remove content · 89b2a903
      Karel Koci authored
      The meson build has to be build in subdirectory that adds automatically
      its own .gitignore file to not interfere with git repository. The result
      is that we actually do not need any our own gitignore. We should now
      include all files in the git repository.
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      gitignore: drop autotools ignores · 6b2e3231
      Karel Koci authored
      This project of course does not contain autotools now.
  3. 05 Nov, 2021 1 commit
  4. 14 Oct, 2021 1 commit
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      Add the initial template based on existing projects · 38cd2470
      Karel Koci authored
      This is heavily improved common code that we use in multiple projects.
      To have minimal project prepared for fork should give us way faster C
      projects creation. Another advantage is that we can merge new changes to
      existing projects and that way ensure that fixes to common template are
      reliably propagated.
  5. 03 Aug, 2021 1 commit