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    Generate dhparam with turris-cagen instead of using separate dhparam · 445a03c1
    Karel Koci authored
    This changes how dhparam is generated. Until now separate script and
    package was used to generate dhparam while turris-cagen is able to do
    the same.
    This is simple change and allows us to remove one dependency. It takes
    some time to generate CA and generating dhparam as part of that makes
    sense as well. It is true that it prolongs initial generation (and that
    was probably original reason why moving it to separate package) but
    this way it is more consistent. It is generated only by user and all is
    stored in same location.
    Existing configuration is going to be migrated by fix package. That
    means missing dhparam is going to be generated and configuration updated
    with openvpn reload after that.