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WIP: keep certain push options unchanged

Keep certain push options in uci config untouched by settings update.
i.e. change only toggled settings (use DNS, route all, ...)

Useful when you want to keep manually added routes intact.
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......@@ -283,7 +283,23 @@ class OpenvpnUci(object):
backend.set_option("openvpn", "server_turris", "status", "/tmp/openvpn-status.log")
backend.set_option("openvpn", "server_turris", "verb", "3")
backend.set_option("openvpn", "server_turris", "mute", "20")
push = [
# filter out unnecessary options
openvpn_data ="openvpn")
current_push_options = get_option_named(openvpn_data, "openvpn", "server_turris", "push", [])
# TODO: rewrite to something nicer
filtered = []
for opt in current_push_options:
if not route_all and opt.startswith("redirect-gateway"):
if not use_dns and opt.startswith("dhcp-option DNS"):
new_push_options = [
"route %s %s"
% (
ipaddress.ip_network(f"{lan_ip}/{lan_netmask}", False).network_address,
......@@ -291,14 +307,18 @@ class OpenvpnUci(object):
if route_all:
push.append("redirect-gateway def1")
new_push_options.append("redirect-gateway def1")
if use_dns:
# ->
# TODO this won't work when router ip is set to a different address
f"dhcp-option DNS {ipaddress.ip_network(network, False).network_address + 1}"
backend.replace_list("openvpn", "server_turris", "push", push)
# merge current and new options instead of simple overwrite with new
push_options = list(set(filtered).union(new_push_options))
backend.replace_list("openvpn", "server_turris", "push", push_options)
backend.add_section("network", "interface", "vpn_turris")
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