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bugfix: Fixed pylxd remote images

Use simplestream to obtain images now instead old method.
parent 3bad8c21
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ import pylxd
class LXDConnection:
"""This is generic connection handler for LXD handling both connections to local and images server.
IMAGES_SOURCE = "" # this is needed for remote access via simplestream
ROOT_PROFILE = "nsfarm-root"
INTERNET_PROFILE = "nsfarm-internet"
......@@ -18,4 +18,3 @@ class LXDConnection:
self.local = pylxd.Client()
self.images = pylxd.Client(self.IMAGES_SOURCE)
......@@ -40,11 +40,12 @@ class Image:
file.readline() # Skip initial shebang
parent, *params = file.readline()[1:].strip().split() # The initial character is '#' we want to ignore
self._parent = None
if parent.startswith("nsfarm:"):
self._parent = Image(lxd_connection, parent[7:])
elif parent.startswith("images:"):
self._parent = self._lxd.images.images.get_by_alias(parent[7:])
image_type, image_alias = parent.split(':', maxsplit=1)
if image_type == "nsfarm":
self._parent = Image(lxd_connection, image_alias)
elif image_type == "images":
self._parent = self._lxd.local.images.create_from_simplestreams(
self._lxd.IMAGES_SOURCE, image_alias, auto_update=True)
raise LXDImageParentError(, parent)
......@@ -162,11 +163,8 @@ class Image:
image_source["alias"] = self._parent.alias()
# We have to pull it from images
image_source["mode"] = "pull"
image_source["server"] = self._lxd.IMAGES_SOURCE
image_source["alias"] = self._parent.fingerprint
# we have already the image
image_source["fingerprint"] = self._parent.fingerprint
container_name = f"nsfarm-bootstrap-{}-{self.hash()}"
logger.warning("Bootstrapping image '%s': %s", self.alias(), container_name)
......@@ -26,16 +26,18 @@ def clean_images(delta: dateutil.relativedelta.relativedelta, dry_run: bool = Fa
removed = []
for img in connection.local.images.all():
if not any(alias["name"].startswith("nsfarm/") for alias in img.aliases):
# We remove our images and images without alias as those are pulled images
if img.aliases and not any(alias["name"].startswith("nsfarm/") for alias in img.aliases):
last_used = dateutil.parser.parse(
# Special time "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z" means never used so use upload time instead
img.last_used_at if not img.last_used_at.startswith("0001-01-01") else img.uploaded_at
if last_used < since:
name = f"{img.aliases[0]['name']}({img.fingerprint})" if img.aliases else img.fingerprint
if not dry_run:
logger.warning("Removing image: %s %s", img.aliases[0]["name"], img.fingerprint)
logger.warning("Removing image: %s", name)
return removed
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