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lists/migrate3x: solve collision between cronie and vixie-cron

The tos3to4-early uses switch-branch that depends on updater-superviser
that in turn depends on cronie. We do not need updater-supervisor to
migrate updater's configuration and thus we can break this dependency
simply by temporally masking updater-supervisor behind virtual setting.
The updater-supervisor is considered as virtual until tos3to4-early is
not installed (here we use actually package we chain after tos3to4-early
to properly detect that). The last run that updates rest of the system
then updates updater-supervisor as usual.

The last change is just minor tweak. We add priority to tos3to4-early.
It is critically requested and thus priority plays no role in satisfying
requests but it is used to order requests and thus should force
tos3to4-early to be planned as soon as possible.
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......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ else
for us here as we install latest version of pkglists as part of this
immediate replan.
Install('tos3to4-early', 'fix-pkglists-hardening-options', { critical = true })
Install('tos3to4-early', 'fix-pkglists-hardening-options', { critical = true, priority = 100 })
Package('tos3to4-early', { replan = 'immediate' })
Package('fix-pkglists-hardening-options', {
replan = 'immediate',
......@@ -59,6 +59,18 @@ else
Package("fix-pkglists-options", {
deps = 'tos3to4-early'
tos3to4-early requires switch-branch but that depends on
updater-supervisor and that pulls in load of dependencies including
cronie. The issue is that cronie collides with vixe-cron. By making
updater-supervisor virtual we skip it for now and thus we prevent the
It has to be virtual till we install package we are doing replan on here.
if not installed["fix-pkglists-hardening-options"] then
Package("updater-supervisor", { virtual = true })
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