Verified Commit 4a06059d authored by Karel Koci's avatar Karel Koci 🤘 Committed by Josef Schlehofer
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lists/bootstrap: add ability to optionally include initial-config

The initial-config package looks for configuration on connected drives
and loads it. It is intended as a way to allow initial configuration
without having to connect using ethernet cable.
parent b4fba092
......@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ This script expects following variables to be possibly defined in environment:
standard medkits
BOOTSTRAP_TESTKEY: if defined non-empty then test kyes are included in
BOOTSTRAP_INITIAL_CONFIG: if defined non-empty then package initial-config is
-- Sanity checks
......@@ -101,3 +103,9 @@ local env_testkey = os.getenv('BOOTSTRAP_TESTKEY')
if env_testkey and env_testkey ~= "" then
local env_testkey = os.getenv('BOOTSTRAP_INITIAL_CONFIG')
if env_testkey and env_testkey ~= "" then
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