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Add prepare_tools command

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......@@ -60,3 +60,15 @@ manually and afterwards we need to call `git add` on newly patched files. Once
all conflicts are resolved, `git am --continue` will create real commit that we
were trying to add using `git am`. Now all that is left is to export it using
`git format-patch -1` and overwrite patch stored in it of _build_ repository.
Building single package
To build only one package you have to first prepare build directory. That can be
achieved by running `compile_fw prepare_tools` in target directory. Be aware *it
removes previous content of currect directory*!
Any single package then can be build using `make package/NAME/compile` where
`NAME` should be replaced with name of desired package. Resulting package is
placed in directory `bin/package/ARCH/REPO` where `ARCH` is target architecture
specific string and `REPO` is name of package's source repository. You can also
clean single package just by replacing `compile` with `clean`.
......@@ -471,6 +471,12 @@ prepare() {
prepare_tools_help=" Prepare build and build tools"
prepare_tools() {
make $MAKE_DEBUG IS_TTY=1 BUILD_LOG=1 $BUILD_ARGS $OWRT_DEBUG tools/compile toolchain/compile
pkgauto_help=" Deploy that can be used for rolling software development"
pkgauto() {
cp "$SRC_DIR/helpers/" "$BUILD_DIR/include/"
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