Verified Commit b17f9ed8 authored by Josef Schlehofer's avatar Josef Schlehofer 💬
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lists/base-fix: fix board condition for uboot-env reset

Before it tried to install mox-support package for routers which are not
Turris MOX
parent d2521145
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......@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ end
if not version_match or not installed or
(installed["uboot-envtools"] and version_match(installed["uboot-envtools"].version, "<2018.03-4")) then
Package("uboot-envtools", { deps = "fix-uboot-env-reset" })
if board ~= "mox" then
if board == "mox" then
Package("uboot-envtools", { deps = "mox-support" })
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