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Merge branch 'hotfix/naming-pkg-in-basefix' into hbl

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......@@ -137,16 +137,16 @@ if installed and installed["luci-lighttpd"] and not installed["turris-webapps-lu
Install("luci-base", { reinstall = true, condition = "luci-base" })
-- With uboot-tools version 2018.03-4 environment configuration was fixed. Problem
-- With uboot-envtools version 2018.03-4 environment configuration was fixed. Problem
-- is that it is not applied in default as script checks for existence of
-- /etc/config/ubootenv file and does nothing.
-- In case of Mox we also move fw_env.config from mox-support package. Because of
-- that we have to update mox-support first so we would not remove generated file.
if not version_match or not installed or
(installed["uboot-tools"] and version_match(installed["uboot-tools"].version, "<2018.03-4")) then
Package("uboot-tools", { deps = "fix-uboot-env-reset" })
(installed["uboot-envtools"] and version_match(installed["uboot-envtools"].version, "<2018.03-4")) then
Package("uboot-envtools", { deps = "fix-uboot-env-reset" })
if board ~= "mox" then
Package("uboot-tools", { deps = "mox-support" })
Package("uboot-envtools", { deps = "mox-support" })
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