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Make errors from nfq_handle_packet nonfatal

We don't want to kill the whole thread, we want to just log it and try
to figure out what might go wrong.
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......@@ -128,7 +128,18 @@ bool NFQ::process() {
memset(data + pktSize, 0, size - pktSize);
recvHeaders[i].msg_hdr.msg_flags = 0;
CHECK(nfq_handle_packet(handle, data, recvHeaders[i].msg_len) == 0);
* This function sometimes fails for an unknown reason. We just
* log it ‒ the packet will get handled together with some
* other one in a batch. That is wrong, but hopefully one
* packet won't do anything bad.
* In the meantime we hope this logging will shed some light
* into why the function might want to fail from time to time.
int result = nfq_handle_packet(handle, data, recvHeaders[i].msg_len);
if (result != 0)
LOG(ERROR, "Failed to handle a packet: ", result, "/", Blob(data, recvHeaders[i].msg_len).toString());
// Process the packets and assign flows
const Flows &flows(dissector.process(packets));
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