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step by step how to enable alerts

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install pakon
update database to newest version with alerts table
enable rules /etc/suricata-pakon/suricata.yaml (uncomment)
add custom rules if needed - docs:
enable alerts /etc/suricata-pakon/output_conf.d/pakon.yaml
example: (
enabled: yes
filetype: unix_dgram
filename: /var/run/pakon.sock
- flow
- flow_start
- dns:
query: no
- tls:
extended: yes
- http:
extended: yes
- alert:
metadata: yes
restart pakon
- /etc/init.d/suricata-pakon
- /etc/init.d/pakon-hadler
- /etc/init.d/pakon-monitor
config file (/etc/config) divided into two files
- alert
- flow
- pakon
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