Verified Commit 5500a231 authored by Martin Petráček's avatar Martin Petráček
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archive: add default archive_rule (if no rules are present in config)

parent 403939ec
......@@ -113,6 +113,9 @@ def load_archive_rules():
size_threshold = int(uci_get("pakon.@archive_rule[{}].size_threshold".format(i)) or 0)
rules.append( { "up_to": up_to, "window": window, "size_threshold": size_threshold })
i = i + 1
if not rules: #if there is no rule (old configuration?) - add one default rule
rules.append( { "up_to": 86400, "window": 60, "size_threshold": 4096 })'no rules in configuration - using default {}'.format(str(rules[0])))
sorted(rules, key=lambda r: r["up_to"])
return rules
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