Verified Commit b09b9845 authored by Martin Petráček's avatar Martin Petráček
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get_dev_mac: prevent possible crash when `ip neigh` output doesn't match

parent 6758d271
......@@ -138,8 +138,12 @@ def get_dev_mac(ip):
pid = subprocess.Popen(["ip", "neigh", "show", ip], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
s = pid.communicate()[0].decode()
if not s:
logging.debug("no entry in `ip neigh show` for {}".format(ip))
return ("", "")
res ="dev\s+([^\s]+)\s+.*lladdr\s+((?:[a-f\d]{1,2}\:){5}[a-f\d]{1,2})", s)
if not res:
logging.warn("no match for dev&mac in output of `ip neigh show {}`: {}".format(ip,s))
return ("", "")
dev = res.groups()[0]
mac = res.groups()[1]
return dev, mac
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