auth: Add "mailpass" action

parent bc981660
......@@ -26,11 +26,13 @@ DELAY_GET_SESSION_EXISTS = 10
CERTS_EXTRA_PARAMS = ("csr_str",)
ACTION_CERTS = "certs"
ACTION_MAILPASS = "mailpass"
class AuthStateMissing(Exception):
......@@ -73,6 +75,14 @@ def build_reply_get_ok(cert_bytes):
def build_reply_get_mailpass_ok(secret):
return {
"status": "ok",
"secret": secret,
"message": "Authentication succesful, requested secret provided",
def build_reply(status, msg=""):
return {"status": status, "message": msg}
......@@ -89,9 +99,14 @@ def get_cert_key(sn):
return "certificate:{}".format(sn)
def get_mailpass_key(sn):
return "mailpass:{}".format(sn)
def create_auth_session(req, action, r, extra_params=()):
""" This function is called in case of `certs` when no certificate with
matching private key is found in redis.
matching private key is found in redis or in case of `mailpass` at
the beginning of each session.
Parameters "sn", "flags", "auth_type" and extra_params are required in
the req dictionary
......@@ -172,6 +187,30 @@ def process_req_get_cert(req, r):
return build_reply_get_ok(cert_bytes)
def process_req_get_mailpass(req, r):
""" Parameters "sn", "sid", "auth_type" and "flags" are
required in the req dictionary.
current_app.logger.debug("Processing mailpass GET request, sn=%s, sid=%s", req["sn"], req["sid"])
# Authentication is mandatory here - we do not cache passwords
if r.exists(get_session_key(req["sn"], req["sid"])):
check_auth_state(req["sn"], req["sid"], r)
except AuthStateMissing:
return build_reply_get_wait()
return create_auth_session(req, ACTION_MAILPASS, r)
secret = r.get(get_mailpass_key(req["sn"])).decode("utf-8")
if not secret:
current_app.logger.warning("Auth OK but secret not in redis, sn=%s", req["sn"])
return create_auth_session(req, ACTION_MAILPASS, r)
current_app.logger.debug("Mailpass server from redis, sn=%s", req["sn"])
return build_reply_get_mailpass_ok(secret)
def get_auth_session(sn, sid, r):
""" Get state of client session from Redis. If the session is broken
or missing, return fail info.
......@@ -244,6 +283,8 @@ def process_req_auth(req, action, r):
if action == "certs":
store_auth_params(req["sn"], req["sid"], session, QUEUE_NAME_CERTS, r,
elif action == "mailpass":
store_auth_params(req["sn"], req["sid"], session, QUEUE_NAME_MAILPASS, r)
raise CertAPISystemError("Unknown action {}".format(action))
......@@ -259,6 +300,9 @@ def process_request(req, r, action):
req["csr_str"] = req["csr"] # stupid different naming in req and internals
return process_req_get_cert(req, r)
elif action == "mailpass":
return process_req_get_mailpass(req, r)
raise CertAPISystemError("Unknown action {}".format(action)) # should not be raised here
elif req["type"] == "auth":
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