1. 06 Sep, 2018 4 commits
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      Do not check number of request params · 9bd35c5f
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      Refactor exceptions · 3839367f
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      These exception are now used
      - `CertAPISystemError` should be used for sentinel-internal errors
        - its child `InvalidRedisDataError` is risen when validation of data
          saved in Redis failes
      - `RequestConsistencyError` should be used for client request that cant be
      - `RequestProcessError` should be used for client request that can be processed,
         but the provided data is invalid, including checker/CA authentication
      Among these exception the logging should be done this way:
      - `RequestConsistencyError` and `RequestProcessError` should be logged on it's
        first occurence with levels `debug`, `info` and `warning` for most severe
      - `CertAPISystemError` should be logged centrally in one place with levels
        `error` for most cases and `critical` when the application needs to stop
      - `InvalidRedisDataError` is never logged
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      Split 'process_req_get' function · e2ddaea6
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