Commit 2fe3688b authored by Robin Obůrka's avatar Robin Obůrka Committed by Robin Obůrka

msgloop: Provide proof-of-concept implementation (first version)

parent 45f4cec7
......@@ -2,4 +2,5 @@ from sn.exceptions import *
from sn.messages import *
from sn.argparser import *
from import *
from sn.msgloop import sn_main
import sn.logging
import logging
import inspect
from collections import namedtuple
import zmq
import sn
logger = logging.getLogger("sn_main")
EnvData = namedtuple("EnvData", [
def sn_main(box_name, setup=None, process=None, teardown=None, argparser=None):
ctx = sn.SN(zmq.Context.instance(), argparser or sn.get_arg_parser())
socket_recv, socket_send = detect_and_get_sockets(ctx)
if teardown and not setup:
raise sn.LoopError("There is teardown callback without setup")
if not process:
raise sn.LoopError("Missing 'process' callback")
if not socket_recv and not inspect.isgeneratorfunction(process):
raise sn.LoopError("Generator is expected for output-only box")"SN main starting loop for %s box", box_name)
user_data = setup() if setup else None
_sn_main_loop(box_name, user_data, socket_recv, socket_send, setup, process, teardown)
except sn.LoopError as e:
raise e
except Exception as e:
logger.error("Uncaught exception from loop")
if teardown:
def _sn_main_loop(box_name, user_data, socket_recv, socket_send, setup=None, process=None, teardown=None):
env_data = EnvData(
name = box_name,
logger = logging.getLogger(box_name)
while True:
if socket_recv:
msg_in = socket_recv.recv_multipart()
msg_type, payload = sn.parse_msg(msg_in)
result = process(env_data, user_data, msg_type, payload)
process_result(socket_send, result)
for result in process(env_data, user_data):
process_result(socket_send, result)
except sn.InvalidMsgError as e:
logger.error("Received broken message")
def process_result(socket_send, result):
if not result or not socket_send:
# The box is output-only or it hasn't any reasonable answer
msg_type, payload = result
msg_out = sn.encode_msg(msg_type, payload)
except (ValueError, sn.InvalidMsgError) as e:
# Invalid message on input means that a received some bad message and I
# just want to not fail. Invalid message on output means a
# programmer error of the box author and I need to distinguish between
# them.
raise sn.LoopError("Box generates broken messages")
def detect_and_get_sockets(context):
socket_recv = None
socket_send = None
socket_recv = context.get_socket("in")
except sn.UndefinedSocketError as e:
socket_send = context.get_socket("out")
except sn.UndefinedSocketError as e:
return socket_recv, socket_send
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