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IPv6 deactivation possible.

The 'tests' renamed to 'examples'
parent dc711192
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ Instalation and test instructions:
cd sn-<version>/tests/
(or)Cloned from git:
cd sn/tests
cd sn/examples
Package build (tarball creation)- produces sn-<version>.tar.gz:
......@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@ xterm -geometry 93x20+100+500 -hold -e ./client2.py \
--resource "sock_cli,connect,REQ,,9000" \
--resource "sock_cli2,connect,REQ,,9000" &
xterm -geometry 93x20+100+800 -hold -e ./client.py \
--resource "sock_cli,connect,REQ,,9001" &
--resource "sock_cli,connect,REQ,,9001" \
--disable-ipv6 &
xterm -geometry 93x31+650+200 -hold -e ./server.py \
......@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ def get_arg_parser():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--resource', nargs=1, action='append')
parser.add_argument('--disable-ipv6', action='store_true')
return parser
......@@ -67,7 +68,8 @@ def resource_parser(config_list):
resources[splitted[0]] = list()
raise SockConfigError("Resource {arg} is invalid.".format(arg=config))
raise SockConfigError("Resource {arg} is\
return resources
......@@ -80,12 +82,10 @@ class Resources:
an API-like interface for requesting ZMQ sockets based on available
def __init__(self, ctx, args=None):
def __init__(self, ctx, args=get_arg_parser().parse_args()):
""" Gets a list of command line arguments - each for one socket
connection and creates a dict of ZMQ socket configs.
if not args:
args = get_arg_parser().parse_args()
self.context = ctx
self.sock_configs = dict()
res_avail = resource_parser(args.resource)
......@@ -106,25 +106,37 @@ class Resources:
ipv6=not args.disable_ipv6
self.sock_configs[res] = sc
def get_socket(self, *args):
def get_socket(self, *sockets):
""" Gets multiple socket names in 'get_socket(name1, name2,...)'
or 'get_socket((name1, TYPE1), name2, (name3,TYPE3),...)' or any of
their combinations. Returns list of all available ZMQ sockets with the
required names. Exception is risen when there is no socket with the
desired name or when the socket is of another type.
ret = list()
for arg in args:
if type(arg) == tuple:
name = arg[0]
for socket in sockets:
if type(socket) == tuple:
sock_name = socket[0]
name = arg
if name in self.sock_configs:
if type(arg) == tuple and not self.sock_configs[name].isType(arg[1]):
raise SockConfigError("Socket type does not match required value!")
if not self.sock_configs[name].socket:
sock_name = socket
if sock_name in self.sock_configs:
if (
type(socket) == tuple
and not self.sock_configs[sock_name].isType(socket[1])
raise SockConfigError("Socket type does not match\
required value!")
if not self.sock_configs[sock_name].socket:
raise SockConfigError("Resource {arg} not provided.".format(arg=name))
raise SockConfigError("Resource {arg} not\
if len(ret) == 1:
return ret[0]
......@@ -159,18 +171,22 @@ class SockConfig:
def __init__(self, context, socktype, direction, addr, port):
def __init__(self, context, socktype, direction, addr, port, ipv6):
""" Adds socket configuruation. List
of all connection is stored for further checking of duplicate
self.check_params_validity(socktype, direction, addr, port)
self.socktype = SockConfig.SOCKET_TYPE_MAP[socktype]
self.direction = direction
zmq_connection = self.ZMQConnection(addr, port)
self.connections = list()
self.context = context
self.socket = None
self.ipv6 = ipv6
def add_connection(self, socktype, direction, addr, port):
""" Adds another ZMQ connection to an existing ZMQ socket.
......@@ -202,25 +218,31 @@ class SockConfig:
if not port:
raise SockConfigError("Missing port")
if socktype in SockConfig.SOCKET_TYPE_MAP:
self.socktype = SockConfig.SOCKET_TYPE_MAP[socktype]
if socktype not in SockConfig.SOCKET_TYPE_MAP:
raise SockConfigError("Unknown socket option", socktype)
if direction in SockConfig.DIRECTIONS:
self.direction = direction
if direction not in SockConfig.DIRECTIONS:
raise SockConfigError("Unknown direction option", direction)
if int(port) < 1 or int(port) > 65535:
raise SockConfigError("Port number out of range", port)
def isType(self, socktype):
return (socktype in SockConfig.SOCKET_TYPE_MAP and self.socktype == SockConfig.SOCKET_TYPE_MAP[socktype])
""" Checks whether the socket type of this socket is equal to
'socktype' string argument.
return (
socktype in SockConfig.SOCKET_TYPE_MAP
and self.socktype == SockConfig.SOCKET_TYPE_MAP[socktype]
def connect(self):
""" Connects or binds unconnected/unbound zmq socket. An exception
is risen when the socket is already connected.
if not self.socket:
self.socket = self.context.socket(self.socktype)
self.socket.ipv6 = True
self.socket.ipv6 = self.ipv6
for zmq_connection in self.connections:
if self.direction == "bind":
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