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    ARM64: hikey: hi6220: Add u-boot support for the 96boards CE HiKey board. · 11ac2363
    Peter Griffin authored
    HiKey is the first 96boards consumer edition compliant board. It features a hi6220
    SoC which has eight ARM A53 cpu's.
    This initial port adds support for: -
    1) Serial
    2) eMMC / SD card
    3) USB
    4) GPIO
    It has been tested with Arm Trusted Firmware running u-boot as the BL33 executable.
    eMMC has been tested with basic reading of eMMC partition into DDR. I have not
    tested writing / erasing. Due to lack of clock control it won't be
    running in the most performant high speed mode.
    SD card slot has been tested for reading and booting kernels into DDR.
    It is also currently configured to save the u-boot environment to the
    SD card.
    USB has been tested with ASIX networking adapter to tftpboot kernels
    into DDR. On v2015.07-rc2 dhcp now works, and also USB mass storage
    are correctly enumerated.
    GPIO has been tested using gpio toggle GPIO4_1-3 to flash the LEDs.
    Basic SoC datasheet can be found here: -
    Board schematic can be found here: -
    Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter Griffin <peter.griffin@linaro.org>