Verified Commit b8994747 authored by Vojtech Myslivec's avatar Vojtech Myslivec
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tagger: Remove obsolete bad-dns list

parent f0f23a40
......@@ -4,5 +4,4 @@ set -e
cd /home/tagger/dist-fw-data/
git pull -q
wget -q -O - | tail -n+2 | cut -f1 -d, | sed -e 's/^/add GREYLIST /' >greylist
sed -e 's/^/add BAD_DNS /' </home/tagger/misc-internal/analysis/bad-dns >bad-dns
/home/tagger/ucollect/src/master/dbscripts/ /home/tagger/ucollect/src/master/dbscripts/db.ini -f greylist -f bad-dns -f turris-ipsets
/home/tagger/ucollect/src/master/dbscripts/ /home/tagger/ucollect/src/master/dbscripts/db.ini -f greylist -f turris-ipsets
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