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    svupdater: add ability to set auto-approve window · 3a649af2
    Karel Koci authored
    The idea here is that user can set when exactly updater can update
    system by setting start and end periodic times. We use cron syntax for
    There are few hacks that we had to implement to ensure that it is not
    fragile. The first issue is combination with execution and random delay.
    We want to always hit the allowed window so we can install any possible
    update so we need to tweak the random delay to fix that. Also we had to
    make sure that updater considers all hours of the day. We run updater by
    cron every two hours now with still the same two hours random delay.
    This way updater can hit every possible allowed window.
    The combination of delayed approvals and approval window results in wait
    for delay first and only after that installation in allowed window. Thus
    both of them apply.