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lists: handle options from pkglists

Also polish exceptions
parent 222ad1ff
......@@ -26,42 +26,54 @@
class ExceptionUpdaterDisabled(Exception):
class UpdaterError(Exception):
"""Generic updater-supervisor exception"""
class UpdaterDisabledError(UpdaterError):
"""This exception is thrown when you try to run updater when it's
configured to be disabled.
class ExceptionUpdaterApproveInvalid(Exception):
class UpdaterApproveInvalidError(UpdaterError):
"""Exception thrown from either approve.approve() or approve.deny() when
given hash doesn't match the one from approve.current().
class ExceptionUpdaterPidLockFailure(Exception):
class UpdaterPidLockFailureError(UpdaterError):
"""This exception is thrown when we encounter some invalid usage of
class ExceptionUpdaterNoSuchList(Exception):
class UpdaterNoSuchListError(UpdaterError):
"""Exception thrown from lists.update when non-existent list is given.
class ExceptionUpdaterNoSuchLang(Exception):
class UpdaterNoSuchLangError(UpdaterError):
"""Exception thrown from l10n.update when unsupported language code is
class ExceptionUpdaterInvalidHookCommand(Exception):
class UpdaterInvalidHookCommandError(UpdaterError):
"""Thrown from hook.register when argument command contains more than one
class UpdaterNoSuchListOptionError(UpdaterError):
"""Exception thrown from lists.update when non-existent option for list is given.
# Backward compatible exception mapping
ExceptionUpdaterDisabled = UpdaterDisabledError
ExceptionUpdaterApproveInvalid = UpdaterApproveInvalidError
ExceptionUpdaterPidLockFailure = UpdaterPidLockFailureError
ExceptionUpdaterNoSuchList = UpdaterNoSuchListError
ExceptionUpdaterNoSuchLang = UpdaterNoSuchLangError
ExceptionUpdaterInvalidHookCommand = UpdaterInvalidHookCommandError
......@@ -25,12 +25,23 @@
import os
import json
import gettext
from uci import Uci, UciExceptionNotFound
import typing
from euci import EUci, UciExceptionNotFound
from .const import PKGLISTS_FILE
from .exceptions import ExceptionUpdaterNoSuchList
from .exceptions import UpdaterNoSuchListError, UpdaterNoSuchListOptionError
__PKGLIST_ENTRIES = typing.Dict[str, typing.Union[str, bool]]
def pkglists(lang=None):
def _load_lists():
if os.path.isfile(PKGLISTS_FILE): # Just to be sure
with open(PKGLISTS_FILE, 'r') as file:
return json.load(file)
return {}
def pkglists(lang=None) -> typing.Dict[str, __PKGLIST_ENTRIES]:
"""Returns dict of pkglists.
Argument lang is expected to be a string containing language code. This
code is then used for gettext translations of titles and descriptions of
......@@ -42,60 +53,57 @@ def pkglists(lang=None):
"hidden": This is boolean value specifying if pkglist is visible.
"official": This is boolean value specifying if pkglist is supported.
"title": This is title text describing pkglist (human readable name).
"message": This is human readable description of given pkglist.
"description": This is human readable description of given pkglist.
"url": Optional URL to documentation. This can be None if not provided.
"options": Additional package options
result = dict()
trans = gettext.translation(
languages=[lang] if lang is not None else None,
known_lists = _load_lists()
if os.path.isfile(PKGLISTS_FILE): # Just to be sure
with open(PKGLISTS_FILE, 'r') as file:
ldul = json.load(file)
for name, lst in ldul.items():
result[name] = {
"enabled": False,
result = {}
with EUci() as uci:
enabled_lists = uci.get('pkglists', 'pkglists', 'pkglist', list=True, default=[])
for name, lst in known_lists.items():
result[name] = {
"enabled": name in enabled_lists,
"title": trans.gettext(lst['title']),
"description": trans.gettext(lst['description']),
"official": lst.get('official', False),
"url": lst.get('url'),
"hidden": True, # Obsolete option for backward compatibility
"options": {},
for opt_name, option in lst['options']:
result[name]['options'][opt_name] = {
"enabled": uci.get('pkglists', name, opt_name,
dtype=bool, default=option.get('default', False)),
"title": trans.gettext(lst['title']),
"message": trans.gettext(lst['description']),
"hidden": not lst.get('visible', True),
"official": lst.get('official', False),
"url": lst.get('url'),
"description": trans.gettext(lst['description']),
with Uci() as uci:
lists = uci.get("updater", "turris", "pkglists")
except (UciExceptionNotFound, KeyError):
# If we fail to get that section then just ignore
return result
for lst in lists:
if lst in result:
result[lst]['enabled'] = True
# Ignore any unknown but enabled lists
return result
def update_pkglists(lists):
def update_pkglists(lists: typing.Dict[str, typing.Dict[str, bool]]):
List is expected to be a array of strings (list ids) that should be
enabled. Anything omitted will be disabled.
Lists is expected to be nested dictionary consisting of pklist names to be enabled
and sub-dictionary with their options.
Anything omitted will be disabled.
expected = set()
if os.path.isfile(PKGLISTS_FILE): # Just to be sure
with open(PKGLISTS_FILE, 'r') as file:
ldul = json.load(file)
for name in ldul:
for lst in lists:
if lst not in expected:
raise ExceptionUpdaterNoSuchList(
"Can't enable unknown package list:" + str(lst))
known_lists = _load_lists()
# Set
with Uci() as uci:
uci.set('updater', 'turris', 'turris')
uci.set('updater', 'turris', 'pkglists', tuple(lists))
for name, options in lists.items():
if name not in known_lists:
raise UpdaterNoSuchListError("Can't enable unknown package list: {}".format(name))
for opt in options:
if opt not in known_lists[name]['options']:
raise UpdaterNoSuchListOptionError("Can't enable unknown package list option: {}: {}".format(name, opt))
with EUci() as uci:
uci.set('pkglists', 'pkglists', 'pkglist', lists.keys())
for name, options in lists.items():
uci.delete('pkglists', name)
uci.set('pkglists', name, name)
for opt, value in options.items():
uci.set('pkglists', name, opt, value)
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