Verified Commit a6bf26b5 authored by Karel Koci's avatar Karel Koci 🤘
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const: move generated files from /tmp to /var/run

This is to increase security. Although OpenWRT currently does not
support multiple users in default installation and everything runs under
root needless to say we should not write to /tmp which can contain some
bogus files or links to root only writable location by non-root users.
parent 0bb727fe
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
# Path where we should found supervisor pid lock file
PID_FILE_PATH = "/tmp/"
PID_FILE_PATH = "/var/run/"
# Path where failure dumps are dumped
FAIL_DUMP_PATH = "/var/log/updater-dump"
# This is path to opkg lock
......@@ -48,4 +48,4 @@ L10N_FILE = "/usr/share/updater/l10n_supported"
PKGLISTS_FILE = "/usr/share/updater/pkglists.json"
# Hooks file containing commands to be run after updater execution finished.
POSTRUN_HOOK_FILE = "/tmp/updater-postrun-hook"
POSTRUN_HOOK_FILE = "/var/run/updater-postrun-hook"
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