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Migrator: ignore getbranch-* packages

getbranch package name changes so it contains branch name. Not ignoring
it results to collision when branch is changed.
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......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ else
# but we don't want it) and this migration script. Also, exclude some packages
# that no longer exist and are left on the blue turris during an early stage
# of update.
pkgmigrate --exclude=updater --exclude=updater-migrate --exclude=updater-deps --exclude=updater-consolidator --exclude=libelf --exclude=mtd-utils-flash-info --exclude=kmod-ipt-nathelper --exclude=6relayd --exclude=kmod-ipv6 --exclude=init-thermometer --exclude=kmod-crypto-aes --exclude=kmod-crypto-core --exclude=luci-i18n-czech --exclude=luci-i18n-english --exclude=coova-chilli --exclude=libevent --exclude=libmysqlclient --exclude=libncursesw --exclude=r8196-firmware --exclude=r8188eu-firmware --exclude=userspace_time_sync --exclude=foris-oldconfig $BATCH
pkgmigrate --exclude=updater --exclude=updater-migrate --exclude=updater-deps --exclude=updater-consolidator --exclude=libelf --exclude=mtd-utils-flash-info --exclude=kmod-ipt-nathelper --exclude=6relayd --exclude=kmod-ipv6 --exclude=init-thermometer --exclude=kmod-crypto-aes --exclude=kmod-crypto-core --exclude=luci-i18n-czech --exclude=luci-i18n-english --exclude=coova-chilli --exclude=libevent --exclude=libmysqlclient --exclude=libncursesw --exclude=r8196-firmware --exclude=r8188eu-firmware --exclude=userspace_time_sync --exclude=foris-oldconfig --exclude=getbranch-test --exclude=getbranch-master --exclude=getbranch-deploy $BATCH
# Cool. Now try the updater, please (the backend of it, without all the notification stuff, etc).
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