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tests/lua/postprocess: remove usage of

Web now responds with valid HTML site on any URL thus we
have to use different web to get 404 response. We use our own server
that is used in other tests already.

It also turns out that curl changed error messages so instead of
matching exact error message this just tries to match the known minimum.
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......@@ -104,26 +104,28 @@ end
local multierror = utils.exception("multiple", "Multiple exceptions (1)")
local sub_err = utils.exception("unreachable", "Fake network is down")
sub_err.why = "missing"
sub_err.repo = "test1/"
sub_err.repo = "test1/"
multierror.errors = {sub_err}
function test_get_repos_broken_fatal()
-- When we can't download the thing, it throws
requests.repository({}, "test1", "")
requests.repository({}, "test1", "")
local ok, err = pcall(postprocess.get_repos)
assert_table_equal(utils.exception('repo missing', "Download failed for repository index test1 ( The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found"), err)
assert_match("Download failed for repository index test1 %( The requested URL returned error: 404.*", err.msg)
err.msg = ""
assert_table_equal(utils.exception('repo missing', ""), err)
function test_get_repos_broken_nonfatal()
requests.repository({}, "test1", "", {optional = true})
requests.repository({}, "test1", "", {optional = true})
requests.known_repositories["test1"].index_uri = nil
["test1"] = {
optional = true,
name = "test1",
repo_uri = "",
repo_uri = "",
pkg_hash_required = true,
priority = 50,
serial = 1,
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