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localrepo: improve updater lua script

This makes localrepo.lua work with root_dir to be usable outside of current
root.  It also does not inserts localrepo.lua script unless it exists on
file system. This hides unnecessary warning that confuses users.
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......@@ -2,5 +2,8 @@
This file is part of updater-ng-localrepo. Don't edit it.
-- Add local repositories (might be missing if not installed or used)
Script("localrepo", "file:///usr/share/updater/localrepo/localrepo.lua", { ignore = { "missing" } })
-- Add local repositories (might be missing if not in use)
script_path = "file://" .. root_dir .. "usr/share/updater/localrepo/localrepo.lua"
if stat(script_path) == "f" then
Script("localrepo", script_path)
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