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configure: check if uthash is available

We are using uthash.h and we should check if we have it available in
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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ AC_SUBST([BUSYBOX_EMBED], [$with_embed_busybox])
AS_IF([test -n "$with_embed_busybox"],
AS_IF([test -f "$with_embed_busybox"],,
[AC_MSG_ERROR([Invalid argument for --with-embed-busybox])])
[AC_MSG_ERROR([Invalid argument for --with-embed-busybox])])
AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED([BUSYBOX_EMBED], [$with_embed_busybox], [Embded Busybox])
......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ PKG_CHECK_MODULES([LIBARCHIVE], [libarchive])
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([LIBURIPARSER], [liburiparser >= 0.9])
AC_CHECK_HEADERS([uthash.h], , AC_MSG_ERROR([uthash is required]))
[AC_LANG_PROGRAM([#include <argp.h>],[argp_parse(0,1,NULL,0,0,0);])],,
AC_CHECK_LIB([argp], [argp_parse], , AC_MSG_ERROR([Missing libargp]))
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