• The internet creepypasta of the same name served as the inspiration for the horror game known as Backrooms Game. The premise of the game is that there are an infinite number of levels of rooms hidden behind the walls of reality, and that if you accidently clip through these walls, you will be stuck in a limbo consisting of endless yellow corridors and carpets if you do so. The objective of the game is to free yourself from this nightmare while evading the sinister beings who lurk in the shadows.

    How to play the Backrooms game? You will need a device that can connect to the internet and a browser in order to play the Backrooms Game.

    The game is comprised of a number of stages, each of which represents an additional, more intricate layer of the backrooms. Each level features its own distinct aesthetic, arrangement, and dangers. On some levels, there are elevators or portals that will carry you to the next level in the game. On some stages, there are also extra features or occurrences that can either assist you progress through the game or slow you down. Inside the backrooms, you never know what to expect, therefore you should always be ready for anything.

    The sanity mechanism in the game has an effect on how you perceive the world around you, so keep an eye on that. Your sanity will slowly deteriorate as you make your way through the many backrooms. You will be eliminated from the competition if it gets to zero. It is possible to regain your sanity if you locate the safe rooms, which are denoted by green lights. You can also regain your sanity by making use of certain objects, such as medications or water bottles.

  • I get ideas from people who make new things. How great it is to see something new being made! quordle

    Edited by Alex Reynolds
  • Much like you do when you play Wordle, begin a quordle game by typing your first 5-letter guess into the empty boxes on your screen. Each guess you make is counted in all 4 Quordle quadrants. You must correctly guess all 4 words within 9 tries, so choose wisely.

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