Release version 14.0.0

* `uci_anonymize` function that replaces UCI value with asterisks. It is
  a way to include option in report without getting the real value.
* Notification module's UCI configuration
* (re)Foris module
* Sentinel module
* HaaS module
* opkg configuration to package module
* firmare (uboot) module now queries also for versions of U-Boot, rescue
  image and secure firmware

* Key in wireless configuration is now anonymized instead of being
  filtered out
* Wireguard's private key and preshared keys are now anynimized
* PPPoE password is now anonymized
* serial-number, os-release, uname and uptime modules were merged to
  single system-info module
* netstat module now uses `ss` instead of `netstat` and thus provides
  even more info and was renamed to `sockets`
* utility function `dump_file` now support multiple files (intended to
  be used with globs)
* module uboot renamed to firmware

* `ps` command in dns module is now explicitly busybox implementation

* nikola module