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update documentation to explain systemd socket-activation configuration

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......@@ -111,6 +111,10 @@ With this option, the daemon is started in non-interactive mode and instead crea
UNIX socket in \fIrundir\fR that the operator can connect to for interactive session.
A number greater than 1 forks the daemon N times, all forks will bind to same addresses
and the kernel will load-balance between them on Linux with \fISO_REUSEPORT\fR support.
When socket-activated and supervised by systemd or the equivalent, kresd defaults to
--forks=1, and must not be set to any other value. If you want multiple concurrent
processes supervised in this way, they should be supervised independently.
.B \-q\fR, \fB\-\-quiet
Daemon will refrain from printing any informative messages, not even a prompt.
Description=Knot DNS Resolver daemon
ExecStart=/usr/sbin/kresd -c /etc/kresd/config -f $KRESD_WORKERS $KRESD_OPTIONS /var/lib/kresd/
## Path: System/DNS
## Description: Number of worker processes to spawn
## Type: integer
## Default: 1
## ServiceRestart: kresd
# Number of workers to spawn for kresd.
# If you get start up failures with "already in use" your libuv is too
# old and you have to stick to 1.
# Additional options
Running Knot Resolver under systemd (or equivalent) socket activation
You can use the files in this directory to run kresd under supervision
by systemd (or any supervisor that provides equivalent file descriptor
initialization via the interface supported by
When run in this configuration:
* it will be run under a non-privileged user, which means it will not
be able to open any new non-privileged ports.
* it will use a single process (implicitly uses --forks=1, and will
fail if that configuration variable is set to a different value).
If you want multiple daemons to listen on these ports publicly
concurrently, you'll need the supervisor to manage them
differently, for example via a systemd generator:
If you have a useful systemd generator for multiple concurrent
processes, please contribute it upstream!
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