Knot DNS - v1.0 RC 1

New features:
        * NSID support (RFC5001).
        * Root zone support.
        * Automatic zone compiling on server start.
        * Setting user to run Knot under in config file.
        * Dropping privileges after binding to port 53.
	        + Support for Linux capabilities(7).
        * Setting source address of outgoing transfers in config file.
        * Custom PID file.
        * CNAME loop detection.
        * Timeout on TCP connections.
        * Basic defense against DoS attacks.

        * Fixed IXFR processing.
        * Patched URCU so that it compiles on architectures without TLS in compiler (NetBSD, OpenBSD).
        * Fixed response to DS query at parent zone.
        * A lot of other bugfixes.