Knot DNS v1.1.0-rc1

New features:
        * Optionally disable ANY queries for authoritative answers.
        * Dropping identical records in zone and incoming transfers.
        * Support for '/' in zone names.
        * Generating journal from reloaded zone (EXPERIMENTAL).
        * Outgoing-only interfaces in configuration file.
        * Following DNAME if the synthetized name is in the same zone.

        * Crash when zone contained RRSIG signing a CNAME, but did not
          contain the CNAME.
        * Malformed packets parsing.
        * Failed IXFR caused memory leaks.
        * Failed IXFR might have resulted in inconsistent zone structures.
        * Fixed answering to +dnssec queries when NSEC3 chain is corrupted.
        * Fixed answering when transitioning from NSEC3 to NSEC.
        * Fixed answering when zone contains multiple NSEC3 chains.
        * Handling RRSets with different TTLs - TTL from the first RR is used.
        * Synchronization of zone reload and zone transfers.
        * Fixed build on NetBSD 5 and FreeBSD.
        * Fixed binding to both IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time on special
        * Fixed access rights of created files.
        * Semantic checks corrupted RDATA domain names which are covered by
          wildcard in the same zone.

Other improvements:
        * IXFR-in optimized.
        * Many zones loading optimized.
        * More detailed log messages (mostly transfer-related).
        * Copying Question section to error responses.
        * Using zone name from config file as default origin in zone file.
        * Additional records are now added to response also from
          wildcard-covered names.