Knot DNS v1.1.1-rc1

        * Crash after IXFR in certain cases when adding RRSIG in an IXFR.
        * Fixed behaviour when incoming IXFR removes a zone cut. Previously
          occluded names now become properly visible. Previously lead to a
          crash when the server was asked for the previously occluded name.
        * Fixed handling of zero-length strings in text zone dump. Caused the
          compilation to fail.
        * Fixed TSIG algorithm name comparison - the names should be in
          canonical form.
        * Fixed handling unknown RR types with type less than 251.

        * Improved compression of packets. Out-of-zone dnames present in RDATA
          were not compressed.
        * Slave zones are now automatically refreshed after startup.
        * Proper response to IXFR/UDP query (returns SOA in Authority section).