Commit 0260c0a3 authored by Marek Vavruša's avatar Marek Vavruša

doc: clarified xfr-in accepting multiple remotes

parent cea22984
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ Features:
- Synthetic IPv4/IPv6 reverse/forward records (optional module)
- dnstap support in both utilities & server (optional module)
- NOTIFY message support and new TSIG section in kdig
- Multi-master support
- Zone transfer master failover
......@@ -79,6 +79,12 @@ AXFR::
Note that the ``xfr-in`` option accepts a list of multiple remotes.
The first remote in the list is used as a primary master, and the rest is used
for failover should the connection with the primary master fail.
The list is rotated in this case, and a new primary is elected.
The preference list is reset on the configuration reload.
You can also use TSIG for access control. For this, you need to configure a TSIG key
and assign it to a remote. Supported algorithms for TSIG key are:
| ``hmac-md5, hmac-sha1, hmac-sha224, hmac-sha256, hmac-sha384, hmac-sha512``
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