Commit 051cd241 authored by Filip Siroky's avatar Filip Siroky Committed by Daniel Salzman

python/libknot: add statistics support

parent 707befeb
......@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ class KnotCtl(object):
return KnotCtlType(data_type.value)
def send_block(self, cmd, section=None, item=None, identifier=None, zone=None,
owner=None, ttl=None, rtype=None, data=None):
owner=None, ttl=None, rtype=None, data=None, flags=None):
"""Sends a control query block.
@type cmd: str
......@@ -222,6 +222,7 @@ class KnotCtl(object):
query[KnotCtlDataIdx.TTL] = ttl
query[KnotCtlDataIdx.TYPE] = rtype
query[KnotCtlDataIdx.DATA] = data
query[KnotCtlDataIdx.FLAGS] = flags
self.send(KnotCtlType.DATA, query)
......@@ -296,6 +297,59 @@ class KnotCtl(object):
def _receive_stats(self, out, reply):
zone = reply[KnotCtlDataIdx.ZONE]
section = reply[KnotCtlDataIdx.SECTION]
item = reply[KnotCtlDataIdx.ITEM]
idx = reply[KnotCtlDataIdx.ID]
data = reply[KnotCtlDataIdx.DATA]
# Add the zone if not exists.
if zone:
if "zone" not in out:
out["zone"] = dict()
if zone not in out["zone"]:
out["zone"][zone] = dict()
section_level = out["zone"][zone] if zone else out
if section not in section_level:
section_level[section] = dict()
if idx:
if item not in section_level[section]:
section_level[section][item] = dict()
section_level[section][item][idx] = data
section_level[section][item] = data
def receive_stats(self):
"""Receives statistics answer and returns it as a structured dictionary.
@rtype: dict
out = dict()
while True:
reply = KnotCtlData()
reply_type = self.receive(reply)
# Stop if not data type.
if reply_type not in [KnotCtlType.DATA, KnotCtlType.EXTRA]:
# Check for an error.
if reply[KnotCtlDataIdx.ERROR]:
raise Exception(reply[KnotCtlDataIdx.ERROR])
self._receive_stats(out, reply)
return out
def receive_block(self):
"""Receives a control answer and returns it as a structured dictionary.
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