Commit 5a865e4a authored by Daniel Salzman's avatar Daniel Salzman

python/control: fix received configuration processing

parent 257b55c9
......@@ -238,18 +238,19 @@ class KnotCtl(object):
out[section] = dict()
# Add the identifier if not exists.
if ident and ident not in section:
section[ident] = dict()
if ident and ident not in out[section]:
out[section][ident] = dict()
# Return if no item/value.
if not item:
item_level = section[ident] if ident else section
item_level = out[section][ident] if ident else out[section]
# Treat alone identifier item differently.
if item in ["id", "domain", "target"]:
section[data] = dict()
if data not in out[section]:
out[section][data] = dict()
if item not in item_level:
item_level[item] = list()
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