Commit 6a3a61f9 authored by Marek Vavrusa's avatar Marek Vavrusa

BIND should be run on foreground, but log shouldn't be forced to stderr

parent c6437541
......@@ -658,7 +658,7 @@ class Bind(Server):
s.item("allow-transfer", "{ %s; }" % self.addr)
self.start_params = ["-c", self.confile, "-g"]
self.start_params = ["-c", self.confile, "-f"]
self.reload_params = ["-s", self.addr, "-p", str(self.ctlport), \
"-k", self.ctlkeyfile, "reload"]
self.flush_params = ["-s", self.addr, "-p", str(self.ctlport), \
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