Commit 77b5b9ea authored by Jan Včelák's avatar Jan Včelák 🚀
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fix infinite loop when module initialization fails

parent 7022428f
......@@ -291,6 +291,7 @@ static knot_zonedb_t *create_zonedb(conf_t *conf, server_t *server)
zone_t *zone = create_zone(conf, conf_dname(&id), server, old_zone);
if (!zone) {
log_zone_error(, "zone cannot be created");
conf_iter_next(conf, &iter);
......@@ -299,6 +300,7 @@ static knot_zonedb_t *create_zonedb(conf_t *conf, server_t *server)
if (ret != KNOT_EOK) {
log_zone_error(, "cannot activate modules");
conf_iter_next(conf, &iter);
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