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......@@ -249,6 +249,15 @@ protocol rip {
<tag>router id <m/IPv4 address/</tag> Set BIRD's router ID. It's a world-wide unique identification of your router, usually one of router's IPv4 addresses. Default: in IPv4 version, the lowest IP address of a non-loopback interface. In IPv6 version, this option is mandatory.
<tag>bind bgp [address <m/address/] [port <m/port/] [v6only]</tag>
This option allows to specify address and port where BGP
protocol should listen. It is global option as listening
socket is common to all BGP instances. Default is to listen on
all addresses ( and port 179. In IPv6 mode, option
<cf/v6only/ can be used to specify that BGP socket should
listen to IPv6 connections only. This is needed if you want to
run both bird and bird6 on the same port.
<tag>table <m/name/</tag> Create a new routing table. The default
routing table is created implicitly, other routing tables have
to be added by this command.
......@@ -464,8 +473,16 @@ This argument can be omitted if there exists only a single instance.
<tag>enable|disable|restart <m/name/|"<m/pattern/"|all</tag>
Enable, disable or restart a given protocol instance, instances matching the <cf><m/pattern/</cf> or <cf/all/ instances.
<tag>configure ["<m/config file/"]</tag>
Reload configuration from a given file.
<tag>configure [soft] ["<m/config file/"]</tag>
Reload configuration from a given file. BIRD will smoothly
switch itself to the new configuration, protocols are
reconfigured if possible, restarted otherwise. Changes in
filters usualy lead to restart of affected protocols. If
<cf/soft> option is used, changes in filters does not cause
BIRD to restart affected protocols, therefore already accepted
routes (according to old filters) would be still propagated,
but new routes would be processed according to the new
Shut BIRD down.
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