Commit 2a04b045 authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček

Adds route limit documentation.

parent 72b28a04
......@@ -891,6 +891,10 @@ for each neighbor using the following configuration parameters:
implementations (Cisco and Quagga). This option is relevant
to IPv4 mode with enabled capability advertisement only. Default: on.
<tag>route limit <m/number/</tag> The maximal number of routes
that may be imported from the protocol. If the route limit is
exceeded, the connection is closed with error. Default: no limit.
<tag>disable after error <m/switch/</tag> When an error is encountered (either
locally or by the other side), disable the instance automatically
and wait for an administrator to fix the problem manually. Default: off.
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