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NEWS and version update.

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Version 1.3.7 (2012-03-23)
o Route Origin Authorization basics.
o Working RIPng.
o Extended clist operations in filters.
o Fixes several bugs in BSD iface handling.
o Several minor bugfixes and enhancements.
Version 1.3.6 (2012-01-20)
o Important bugfix in BGP.
......@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@ Core
- socket open failure should not be fatal
- &&,||: priorities
- filters: function for BGP path length
- static: allow specifying a per-route filter program for setting route attributes?
......@@ -23,14 +22,10 @@ Various ideas
- client: Ctrl-R eats one more enter
- bgp: timing of updates?
- netlink: realms
- netlink: import Linux route attributes to our rta's, so that they can be filtered?
- config: executable config files
- filters: user defined attributes?
- client: access control
- io: use poll if available
- real multipath (doesn't seem to be simple at all :()
- fake multipath (even less simple)
- route recalculation timing and flap dampening [see RFC2439 for algorithms]
- aggregate engine: standard route aggregation and summarization [RFC2519]
- aggregate engine: injection of manually configured pseudo-static routes
......@@ -44,7 +39,6 @@ OSPF
- check incoming packets using neighbor cache
- RFC2328 appendix E: Use a better algorithm
- automatic generation of external route tags (RFC1403)
- RFC3101 NSSA areas
- RFC2370 opaque LSA's
- Limit export rate of external LSAs (like Gated does)
- Bugfix in link state retransmission list (aging)
......@@ -586,7 +586,7 @@ This argument can be omitted if there exists only a single instance.
<tag>show interfaces [summary]</tag>
Show the list of interfaces. For each interface, print its type, state, MTU and addresses assigned.
<tag>show symbols [table|filter|function|protocol|template|roa|<symbol>]</tag>
<tag>show symbols [table|filter|function|protocol|template|roa|<m/symbol/]</tag>
Show the list of symbols defined in the configuration (names of protocols, routing tables etc.).
<tag>show route [[for] <m/prefix/|<m/IP/] [table <m/sym/] [filter <m/f/|where <m/c/] [(export|preexport) <m/p/] [protocol <m/p/] [<m/options/]</tag>
Summary: BIRD Internet Routing Daemon
Name: bird
Version: 1.3.6
Version: 1.3.7
Release: 1
Copyright: GPL
Group: Networking/Daemons
......@@ -512,7 +512,6 @@ lsa_validate(struct ospf_lsa_header *lsa, void *body)
* @lsa: LSA header
* @domain: domain of LSA
* @body: pointer to LSA body
* This function ensures installing new LSA into LSA database. Old instance is
* replaced. Several actions are taken to detect if new routing table
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
#define _BIRD_CONFIG_H_
/* BIRD version */
#define BIRD_VERSION "1.3.6"
#define BIRD_VERSION "1.3.7"
/* Include parameters determined by configure script */
#include "sysdep/autoconf.h"
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