Commit 8de11deb authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček
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Better checks for M4 in configure.

parent 6c84554b
......@@ -145,3 +145,16 @@ if test -z "$bird_cv_sys_linux_version" ; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([Cannot determine kernel version])
# copied autoconf internal _AC_PATH_PROG_FLAVOR_GNU
[# Check for GNU $1
case `"$1" --version 2>&1` in
......@@ -14,6 +14,9 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE(ipv6,[ --enable-ipv6 enable building of IPv6 version (d
AC_ARG_WITH(sysconfig,[ --with-sysconfig=FILE use specified BIRD system configuration file])
AC_ARG_WITH(protocols,[ --with-protocols=LIST include specified routing protocols (default: all)],,[with_protocols="all"])
AC_ARG_WITH(sysinclude,[ --with-sysinclude=PATH search for system includes on specified place])
AC_ARG_VAR([FLEX], [location of the Flex program])
AC_ARG_VAR([BISON], [location of the Bison program])
AC_ARG_VAR([M4], [location of the M4 program])
if test "$srcdir" = . ; then
# Building in current directory => create obj directory holding all objects
......@@ -76,10 +79,12 @@ AC_PROG_INSTALL
AC_CHECK_PROG(FLEX, flex, flex)
AC_CHECK_PROG(BISON, bison, bison)
AC_CHECK_PROGS(M4, gm4 m4, m4)
if test -z "$FLEX" -o -z "$BISON" -o -z "$M4" ; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([Some tools required for building BIRD are missing.])
AC_CHECK_PROGS(M4, gm4 m4)
test -z "$FLEX" && AC_MSG_ERROR([Flex is missing.])
test -z "$BISON" && AC_MSG_ERROR([Bison is missing.])
test -z "$M4" && AC_MSG_ERROR([M4 is missing.])
BIRD_CHECK_PROG_FLAVOR_GNU([$M4], , [AC_MSG_ERROR([Provided M4 is not GNU M4.])])
if test -n "$with_sysconfig" -a "$with_sysconfig" != no ; then
if test -f $with_sysconfig ; then
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