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Doc: Minor update

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......@@ -660,9 +660,9 @@ agreement").
restricted to interfaces assigned to the VRF and will use sockets bound
to the VRF. Appropriate VRF interface must exist on OS level. For kernel
protocol, an appropriate table still must be explicitly selected by
<cf/table/ option. Note that the VRF support in BIRD and Linux kernel
(4.11) is still in development and is currently problematic outside of
multihop BGP.
<cf/table/ option. Note that for proper VRF support it is necessary to
use Linux kernel version at least 4.14, older versions have limited VRF
<tag><label id="proto-channel"><m/channel name/ [{<m/channel config/}]</tag>
Every channel must be explicitly stated. See the protocol-specific
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