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NEWS and version update.

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Version 1.3.10 (2013-04-30)
o Lightweight BIRD client for embedded environments.
o Dynamic IPv6 router advertisements.
o New 'next hop keep' option for BGP.
o Smart default routing table for 'show route export/preexport/protocol'.
o Automatic router ID selection could be configured to use address of loopback.
o Allows configured global addresses of NBMA neighbors in OSPFv3.
o Allows BIRD commands from UNIX shell even in restricted mode.
o Route limits inherited from templates can be disabled.
o Symbol names enclosed by apostrophes can contain dots.
o Several bugfixes.
Version 1.3.9 (2013-01-11)
o BIRD can be configured to keep and show filtered routes.
o Separate receive and import limits.
Summary: BIRD Internet Routing Daemon
Name: bird
Version: 1.3.9
Version: 1.3.10
Release: 1
Copyright: GPL
Group: Networking/Daemons
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
#define _BIRD_CONFIG_H_
/* BIRD version */
#define BIRD_VERSION "1.3.9"
#define BIRD_VERSION "1.3.10"
/* Include parameters determined by configure script */
#include "sysdep/autoconf.h"
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